An up and over garage door is a popular type of garage door known for its single-panel design that swings outward and then lifts up to rest horizontally along the garage ceiling. This mechanism makes it convenient and space-efficient, as it requires minimal clearance inside the garage.

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Two primary mechanisms are available for up and over doors: canopy and retractable. A canopy-style door extends outward partially beyond the garage when open, creating a small “canopy” effect. It’s more affordable but is better suited for manual operation due to its simplicity. The retractable model slides fully into the garage, resting entirely within, making it easier to automate and operate with a motor.

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Common materials include steel, timber, and fiberglass, providing various aesthetic and functional options. Up and over doors are popular due to their ease of use, durability, and cost-effectiveness, making them a widely preferred choice among homeowners in Edinburgh and other regions.