The cost to install an electric garage door in Edinburgh depends on factors like door size, material, insulation, and automation features. For a basic single electric garage door, prices usually start around £700 to £1,200. Double doors can range from £1,200 to over £2,000 due to their larger size and complexity.

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Additional features, such as insulation, custom finishes, or automation with smart controls, can add to the overall cost. Insulation alone may add £200 to £400, while high-end automation systems can contribute another £300 to £600.

Professional installation is another key consideration. Installing an electric garage door generally requires expert fitting and electrical wiring. Installation fees usually range from £200 to £500, depending on the door’s size and whether structural modifications or old door removals are needed.

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Obtaining quotes from reputable Edinburgh-based garage door companies can help in finding the best value for your requirements.