Electric garage doors typically last between 15 and 20 years, with proper maintenance and care. However, their lifespan can vary based on factors such as usage frequency, material quality, and local climate conditions. Here are a few key factors that influence longevity:

  1. Materials and Construction: Steel, aluminum, and composite doors tend to last longer because they resist rust and impact. High-quality materials and durable construction contribute significantly to a longer lifespan.

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  1. Maintenance: Regular lubrication of moving parts, checking for alignment issues, and inspecting electrical components ensure the door operates smoothly and minimizes wear.
  2. Motor and Mechanism: The quality of the motor and lifting mechanism greatly affects durability. A high-quality motor with appropriate lifting power can operate reliably for many years if not overworked.
  3. Weather Exposure: Regularly exposed to extreme weather conditions, doors may degrade faster. Applying protective finishes and weatherproof seals can help extend their life.

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Routine professional servicing is advisable to catch potential problems early and maximize the door’s useful life.